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  1. August Intentions

    2019-08-02 03:04:45 UTC

    Writing it all down. I am a sucker for promises and trying to follow through even if it means trying my hardest and not succeeding. I’ve been in this crazy learning period and I think it’s exciting as humans that we get these experiences and opportunities to make declarations that…

  2. My New York

    2019-08-01 03:28:54 UTC

    Everyone has one: a story of New York. This city, although the argument could be made for all new cities we arrive in, has a way of setting expectations before you even get here whether we set them or we allowed others to set them for us I showed up…

  3. Saturday Thoughts & Returning to Instagram

    2019-02-16 19:04:41 UTC

    I was starting to write in my diary, my utmost private place for me to be completely free, like I had an audience waiting to read it and that was how I knew I had a problem, that’s how I knew it was changing me. I would find myself with…

  4. The Water Cycle

    2019-02-09 19:19:00 UTC

    Rising up like evaporated drops into atmospheres of self doubt, self reflection and self worth, cooling when I finally find my truth, my version of it at least, that condenses down into precipitated storms and I start the self journey all over again. 

  5. JVMP the Gun.

    2019-01-28 18:37:32 UTC

    Okay super shitty iPhone photos of what I’ve been up to lately. I have a tendency to take hobbies to the extreme but normally only because there has been a long burning passion that has been budding for years and I finally found the time and courage to start doing…

  6. Happy Clam

    2019-01-26 19:51:41 UTC

    Disclaimer: being a happy clam does not mean you are happy or filled with pearls all the time.  These photos were taken over the last few weeks and are pretty symbolic of my headspace and where I’ve been which has been in a really honest and open place. I’ve been…

  7. A Reason To Celebrate

    2019-01-23 23:28:00 UTC

    These country roads won’t take you home. Their winds pick up dirt desperately   like heads up pennies on hot pavements hoping for a change of luck,  a change that only comes  from changing course.  Like all wild things,  it’s up to fate.  I wrote this poem about the roads that…

  8. Acoustic Cocooning

    2019-01-18 18:33:00 UTC

    I’ve been focused on safe spaces lately so when I went to a mountain weekend, I took some notes from one of my best friends and brought my pillow and a stuffed animal my mom got me as a fun little gift for Christmas and yes, my friend and I…

  9. Heaven

    2019-01-16 23:22:36 UTC

    I had this dream I was floating in the sea and salt was all around me but I was breathing just fine. I remember looking around below at the ocean floor as I moved my legs in harmony, kicking my feet together to stay in place. Above me and outside…

  10. Heaven

    2019-01-16 23:22:36 UTC

    I had this dream I was floating in the sea and salt was all around me but I was breathing just fine. I remember looking around below at the ocean floor as I moved my legs in harmony, kicking my feet together to stay in place. Above me and outside…

  11. Cravings

    2019-01-11 18:24:00 UTC

    And like clockwork, the cravings are back. The excitement of the new year fueled by the possibility of adventure has me running back and forth to my calendar trying to jam in as much as I can while I’m feeling good.  This is what got me in trouble last year…

  12. Flame

    2019-01-04 03:14:00 UTC

    I was the flame  of the candle you used  to guide yourself through the dark  of your drunk and hopeless nights but sober my light burned your fingertips wax dripping like tears  igneous on the surface  of your skin and heart and I became harder for you to hold.  suburbia,…

  13. 2019

    2019-01-01 17:29:56 UTC

    It’s strange seeing the “1” of January illuminate on my desktop screen. 2019 came so quickly but there was a time I remember it not arriving fast enough, praying for the feeling of a clean slate and a fresh start. Funny how the new year is one of the few…

  14. Can you still have breakdowns on antidepressants?

    2018-12-30 04:15:42 UTC

    Originally written on December 18th, 2018.  If a breakdown was a person, my first breakdown on antidepressants was greeted like an old friend who showed up unannounced on a really bad day to bring me a casserole and some wine. I know that sounds so fucking strange but anyone who…

  15. Kodachrome Issue 4

    2018-12-27 00:46:59 UTC

    Thank you Kodak. Eternally grateful.   As apart of Kodak’s magazine Kodachrome issue #4 , the accidental multiple exposure photo of Kimi from my shoot with Frnds of Ours was included in the “Camera Club” editorial with some other insanely talented analog shooters including Andrea Koesters, Derek Street, Nick Morris, Maria

  16. Pause

    2018-12-24 16:26:00 UTC

    I deactivated my Instagram today and I feel stupid for feeling different about it because it’s a damn phone app and it shouldn’t feel like I just took off a heavy oversize sweater that was causing me to sweat and suffocate under its weight but it does.  A few weeks…

  17. A few pages from the zine Twenty Something

    2018-12-21 19:00:36 UTC

    Time is passing so quickly and I’m trying to grab onto it…

  18. It’s okay to not know what to say

    2018-12-21 18:45:27 UTC

    photo description: Zoe in Dad’s cowboy boots; a close up of Zoe holding a comb from the 1980’s that says ‘Brenda’.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot: how we feel the need to fill uncomfortable silence with chatter or how we are constantly searching for the right thing to…

  19. A poem about people & places

    2018-12-11 22:12:16 UTC

    Do you ever get the feeling like you’ve left apart of your soul  in all the places you’ve ever been?  Like you’ve given apart of your heart  to all the humans you’ve ever loved?  Some things we never do get back and some things keep us coming back.

  20. I’ve been here before…

    2018-12-01 00:48:00 UTC

    Under the neon lights… I went to L.A last September for a trip I remember feeling a lot of confusion over. It was my first time renting a car as I had just turned 25 in July but it was almost like the more freedom I had or allowed myself…

  21. Good Wishes for a Friend

    2018-11-29 23:04:28 UTC

    It’s this girl’s birthday and a few days ago I rediscovered these BTS photos of Evelyn in a friend of a friend’s backyard for a failed photoshoot for Polaroid Originals (2nd of 2 failed shoots for their summer film). I remember when I scanned the negatives, I actually couldn’t physically…

  22. Holiday Hiding

    2018-11-26 00:00:49 UTC

    Sisters, 2018. for an upcoming series. Vintage Gunne Sax w/ FILA attire from Urban Outfitters. You’re not a grinch. The holidays have a way of triggering our depression & anxieties which results in moments where we finding ourselves seeking isolation, hiding away while our family and friends soak in the

  23. Needing November’s Nostalgia

    2018-11-20 22:35:00 UTC

    You like that alliteration? I did too. Normally nostalgia feels crippling, an ache in one’s soul for a time that is no longer here. This nostalgia feels like a revisit, something familiar like the onset of an old emotion or memory that will keep me warm in the months to…

  24. Alien Tourism: a (maybe extra?) terrestrial trip to Roswell, NM

    2018-10-05 16:39:00 UTC

    Published October 4th, 2018 on The Rooster.  Few people realize the immensity of vacancy in which the dust of the material universe swims.”           - H.G Wells, War of the Worlds I can’t explain it. I was taking a picture of an alien in a museum in Roswell, New Mexico,…

  25. 1 month.

    2018-09-27 02:42:05 UTC

    When I got the diagnosis, my first thought was to flee the country. You know, fake-my-death-go-to-Cuba-that’s-my-only-option type thing. I do that a lot in moments like these, moments that call on an extreme reaction from myself. One time in high school, I seriously considered driving to Canada after a friend…

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