I had this dream I was floating in the sea and salt was all around me but I was breathing just fine. I remember looking around below at the ocean floor as I moved my legs in harmony, kicking my feet together to stay in place. Above me and outside the surface, the mountains and terrain I’ve seen in so many of my dreams before waited in such saturation. Wherever it is, there’s always some mountains and always some water. The water’s waves meet the skyscrapers windows like the shoreline of Inception and I’m normally entangled in it, caught twirling in mist and as dream-like as it feels, my mom will ask for a missing glove of hers that’s lost in my reality and I wake up feeling confused and lost, deciphering between my dreams and my truth. 

In this particular dream, Mac Miller was playing a trumpet spinning calming in the current below and I remember thinking “my what a beautiful sound”.  My friend is out of the water trying to wake up an an octopus napping on some rocks and I’m feeling fearful for her. I’m somewhere caught in the middle of these two scenes, a person of my dreams and a person that truly exists in my world.  I can’t really remember waking up and feeling like I learned something but I remember the colors were so vivid and I remember thinking of heaven.

Always write down your dreams. 

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