Acoustic Cocooning

I’ve been focused on safe spaces lately so when I went to a mountain weekend, I took some notes from one of my best friends and brought my pillow and a stuffed animal my mom got me as a fun little gift for Christmas and yes, my friend and I might sound like children but there was something about my head hitting my pillow, not a strangers, and hugging something that has some speciality to it that helped me get to sleep faster and it added to my shield I’ve been building. Earlier last year when I was extremely uncomfortable in my body and mind, I would bring an oversized hoodie with me wherever I traveled even in the heat of the Mojave like a one person tent I could crawl into when I needed to hide. 

It was a symbolic assertion, not spoken but literal in the sense that there are physical objects that we use in our lives that become our “truth”, that contribute to this confidence in our sense of self. 

There’s a communication term called “acoustic cocooning” that describes the interior of our cars as a “highly personal, controlled and relaxing sonic bubble.” (Bijsterveld, Karin. (2010). Acoustic Cocooning: How the Car became a Place to Unwind. The Senses and Society. 5. 189-211. 10.2752/174589210X12668381452809.)

I always loved this idea that we have the power to create and control our environments. We can turn the heat of our car on in the winter so we can remove our jackets while dancing to a song on a playlist that fits our mood. We can put the window down if we want the sound of the wind or we can close the sunroof. We can turn the music off or listen to an audiobook, maybe a phone call to catch up with a family member or friend. 

It’s been happening more often lately that this idea extends outside my car and outside the realm of sound. Objects and thoughts and moments are bringing me comfort and joy. These assertions are rituals to me and I am establishing a cocoon that is right for me. 

Some of these include but are not limited to: carrying a journal and pen with me wherever I go as well as making sure there is time during my day to read or sew. It’s setting boundaries with my time and my limits and trying to stay as kind and patient as possible if I overdo it. 

In terms of photos, I’ve been planning a lot and taking comfort in knowing that even if I’m not out taking photos everyday, I’m learning and growing during the silence. I know photography and creations are in abundance. Time to cocoon more. 

I’m grabbing sushi tonight with Morgan at a spot I’ve never been to that apparently has a conveyer belt like whaaaaaaa. However, an unexpected snow storm just rolled through and I’m in a dress so we might need to change our plans and do a snow check which is frustrating when you want to hang with your friends, be social and eat good food but with how much I’ve been loving the concept of cocooning to become a butterfly, I’m okay with another night of self educating. I’m learning a few more sewing technics and took another Skillshare class on using your external light meter and street photography/talking to strangers which is crazy there are classes on subjects like this. I also recently uploaded the photoshoot with Aleela for Silk & Lace and you can view the second part of identity. ft. Dasha. I was originally planning on “debuting” them slowing in zine/book form but I wanted to share with the world. 

Happy Friday. 


in order: outtake of Aleela from Silk & Lace, Dasha for identity. 

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