My New York

Everyone has one: a story of New York. This city, although the argument could be made for all new cities we arrive in, has a way of setting expectations before you even get here whether we set them or we allowed others to set them for us.

I showed up with a ton of expectations that I had tried to name something else. I anticipated apartment trouble, a few rats and insects I’ve never experienced before, missed subways, intense meetings and radio silence from big brands I’ve been dying to work with, doubt and judgement but New York has given me so much more. To be honest, I was expecting the worse because I didn’t want it to beat me up so I did it myself before it ever had a chance to. 

New York so far has given me beautiful sunsets, introductions to some amazingly inspiring people, hours at restaurants away from my electronics with food that have given this city it’s reputation, it keeps me on my toes in every aspect of the expression including how much walking my body physically goes through on the regular. I smile a lot here but I feel a deep sadness as one does when they are existing as a sensitive being in a city that can be unforgiving. I’m learning what it means to be a New Yorker, for this foreign place to be my home. 

My New York has taken me to New Jersey a lot, to suburban lawns and to homes that are familiar to me. 

Like myself, JVMP is going through changes and this is just a sneak peak into the next chapter. 

Chavi St. Hill and I created something special using clothing that exhales her calmness, her personality, her voice. 

We combined her shop Hill St. Vintage with the values and aesthetic I’ve been seeking for JVMP. 

The results are below. 

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