Good Wishes for a Friend

It’s this girl’s birthday and a few days ago I rediscovered these BTS photos of Evelyn in a friend of a friend’s backyard for a failed photoshoot for Polaroid Originals (2nd of 2 failed shoots for their summer film). I remember when I scanned the negatives, I actually couldn’t physically look at them because this day, this week, this time in my life not that many months ago was really hard and looking at them brought me back in a way I wasn’t ready to experience quite yet. 

Reflecting back on this day, I laugh. I had a photoshoot in the morning for Wet Ruffles, drove all the way to work, left early to drive to this photoshoot only to have brought the wrong pump for the inflatable pool tubes and after Evelyn suggested a million and one ways to make it work, the camera Polaroid had sent me stopped working. I finally had to admit defeat but I never forgot her warmth that day. How I felt dark and sad after a second failed shoot for a company I have spent years admiring and how I drove around Denver crying with an inflatable unicorn floatie jammed into the back of my Jetta ready to fight with anyone who was ready to mess with me.

I left for Hawaii the next morning and still can’t believe the speed at which I was moving and the emotions I was feeling. Evelyn represented stability and I realize she has the effect on so many. She is truly one of those kind and genuine souls with so much love to give. 

Happy birthday babe. Thank you for being a light to all. 

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