Kodachrome Issue 4

Thank you Kodak. Eternally grateful.  

As apart of Kodak’s magazine Kodachrome issue #4 , the accidental multiple exposure photo of Kimi from my shoot with Frnds of Ours was included in the “Camera Club” editorial with some other insanely talented analog shooters including Andrea Koesters, Derek Street, Nick Morris, Maria Codina Sena, Joe Keery, Alishia Stevens, Evyn Morgan, Mike Grotte and Bryant M Garcia. Also Spike Lee is on the cover… Someone pinch me. 

The Instagram information is correct but I know if try to find me it says I’m not there. Currently on a diet but I’ll be back in January. Happy (almost) New Year <3 <3 <3 

Cheers to film & the folks of Kodak.

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