A Reason To Celebrate

These country roads won’t take you home.

Their winds pick up dirt desperately  

like heads up pennies on hot pavements

hoping for a change of luck, 

a change that only comes 

from changing course. 

Like all wild things, 

it’s up to fate. 

I wrote this poem about the roads that took Aleela and I to this sunny but very windy spot on a partly cloudy day. I’ve taken so many photos before this but something about these images fire off like the sounds of an orchestra and I can see my dreams and visions I’ve been building all these months.  

Not only was it inspired by that day but life lately and my need to move and shift, change things up. As I continue on my journey with patience and kindness in mind, I can’t help but embrace a side of myself that is more raw and outspoken. For so long I didn’t speak my truth and I was so concerned with how speaking my truth would make me appear, so scared I’d fail people I love instead of them learning to love a side of me that coexists with all that good. Even when speaking my mind, I’d find ways to sugar coat it and leave it feeling sweet for fear of appearing sour. In the process, I would only hurt myself. And I realized that what I have been preaching these last few months, all that involves patience and kindness, was more specifically for myself and forgiveness for my mind and emotions. 

I feel so strong lately. I really do and I won’t embrace anything that makes me feel weak or feel anything less. For me, that’s a reason to celebrate.

And it’s Sierra’s golden b day!!

And we can finally announce to the world that Melody has been signed to Muse Management and I could not be more excited or proud of her!!!!!!!!!!! It is no easy journey and the trials she has been through to get here amaze me and leave me in awe of her strength and leave me feeling inspired and excited for the next chapters ahead.

Last year we took these photos and Mel was leaving for a Nike shoot in South America but life was so weird and it still is but Melody and I were talking about how damn grateful we are to still be here/not have given up/still filled with fear and anxieties but kicking ass everyday even if it feels our ass is getting kicked. The weirdest part is the date these photos were taken on. During our excitement at Mel’s announcement, it occurred to me it was around this time last year we took these photos and I’m pretty sure both of us cried that day. When I went to the file to check the date and reminisce, I saw the date we met up was January 23, 2018. Exactly a year later and baby girl is signed!!!! 

Pop the champs!!!! 


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