1. I’ve been here before…

    01 Dec 2018
    Under the neon lights… I went to L.A last September for a trip I remember feeling a lot of confusion over. It was my first time renting a car as I had just turned 25 in July but it was almost like the more freedom I had or allowed myself…

  2. Pack Film Announcement

    30 Nov 2018
    Edwin Land was a genius. Not only that but he had a team of other passionate geniuses, both male and female, working around the clock to make crazy inventions working with polarized filters to form glasses and 3D goggles but it was in the 50’s that Land created his best…

  3. Good Wishes for a Friend

    29 Nov 2018
    It’s this girl’s birthday and a few days ago I rediscovered these BTS photos of Evelyn in a friend of a friend’s backyard for a failed photoshoot for Polaroid Originals (2nd of 2 failed shoots for their summer film). I remember when I scanned the negatives, I actually couldn’t physically…


    29 Nov 2018
    I’m so thankful for the technology that allows my film photos to come to life on paper, sparkling the way they are. I’d love for them to shine in your home. For a limited time, I’m selling 8” x 8” sets for $20 (shipping included). To make a purchase, please

  5. Holiday Hiding

    26 Nov 2018
    Sisters, 2018. for an upcoming series. Vintage Gunne Sax w/ FILA attire from Urban Outfitters. You’re not a grinch. The holidays have a way of triggering our depression & anxieties which results in moments where we finding ourselves seeking isolation, hiding away while our family and friends soak in the

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