1. Upcoming this week 11.01

    05 Nov 2018
    The seasons are changing and I’m seeing the leaves are a different hue than my last visit when I’m walking through the parks of New York or when I hug my sweater closer to my skin on the windy streets of Vegas. The change is being felt in cities all…

  2. November 2nd, 2018

    05 Nov 2018
    Today’s my dad’s day. He passed 12 years ago but someone way more wise told me to not keep track of the days and years but to focus on all the gifts that have come my way since and all the ways I remember him daily. So I booked a…

  3. Mozzarella Stick Blues

    05 Nov 2018
    Returned from Vegas this weekend and there was an inside joke between friends about mozzarella sticks and titles of Phish songs (some of us are fans so take no offense). I was going to title this Monday mood but it feels more like Monday blues and then the mozzarella sticks…

  4. More from New York

    29 Oct 2018
    A Poem to New York I like how you can find yourself with nothing to do and everything to be done. Do you know what I mean?  You can have zero plans and then you find the city is swallowing you whole.  Suddenly you are on an adventure for a

  5. For Dad.

    28 Oct 2018
    Dad’s boots. He always wore cowboy boots to business meetings with a color coordinated cowboy hat which is funny & weird considering he was in the casino business, not a rodeo. Another thing he use to do was anytime we had red roses in the house, he’d wait for them…

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