1. Inner Strength: thoughts on our discomforts

    07 Dec 2018
    New York, New York (2018). Tonight as I wind down, I ask myself how does one find the strength to handle all that life throws at them during both the periods of silence and noise? I find myself struggling so often between a version of myself that is good and…

  2. almost missed

    07 Dec 2018
    Moments from New York, thank you Kiki for calling my name to snap the first photo of the dog in the barbershop.  Kodak Portra 400 w/ Contax T2  New York, I’ll see you soon.

  3. ONE INSTANT: support the Kickstarter for Pack Film

    05 Dec 2018
    “Again, please do NOT compare us to Fuji.” Wow super exciting stuff for pack film users, both current and future. I still can’t believe it will be 3 years since Fuji announced the discontinuation of FP-100C. Expired Polaroid669 and other types of peel apart film can be found floating around…

  4. Friday Nights In

    01 Dec 2018
    It’s okay to hang in on a Friday if you’re not feeling it. Take a moment.  Antidepressants, anti anxiety, mood stabilizers and all the medications that keep us strong and healthy, therapy, acupuncture, self care, writing, meditation, and I’d even go as far as crystals and tarot cards, at least…

  5. Where 2 buy prints

    01 Dec 2018
    Okay so super stoked about these prints. Being able to have a moment captured on film, scanned, digitalized, printed and then turned into a piece that hangs up on someone’s wall is really cool for all parties involved!!!!  I will be the first to admit I’m not the best sales…

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