ONE INSTANT: support the Kickstarter for Pack Film

“Again, please do NOT compare us to Fuji.”

Wow super exciting stuff for pack film users, both current and future. I still can’t believe it will be 3 years since Fuji announced the discontinuation of FP-100C. Expired Polaroid669 and other types of peel apart film can be found floating around on eBay and there are still some fresh packs of FP-100C if you have $40 plus to spend on a pack of ten photos with prices set to rise as the last of this film stock dwindles. 

The good news is Supersense announced their Kickstarter campaign for pack film today. I don’t know much but it looks like it will be very similar to the process and development of Impossible Project’s early stages. They have the film and the chemicals, nothing like what we’ve seen before and very consistent with the unpredictable results of early I.P.  It also looks like the prototype film will not be reflective of the final film so I’m expecting more updates as we get further into 2019. 

It’s truly impressive that they have eliminated the need for massive machines, a huge obstacle when Fuji first announced the discontinuation of the film. The corporation’s refusals to sell their equipment lead to ONE INSTANT which seems to be a lot more eco friendly but with that said, I am extremely nervous for the price tag as everything will be done BY HAND. We might be looking at $40/pack and for only 6 frames vs. the 10 frames with FP-100C, we are again seeing what we saw with Impossible Project: a-not-so-perfect version of a former film but with less frames and more costly but because it’s not trying to be the former film. Pretty much, they have had to redefine this film by starting from scratch and it looks like they took some notes from the father of Polaroid, Edwin Land. 

The good news is, the cost is not permanent and even for higher costs, we can sleep better at night knowing pack film has a chance. We also have Supersense’s word the cost will lower when there is more traction on the project which I have nothing but faith in. As of now, your pledge of $50+ U.S dollars will get you six frames of some really gorgeous film by April 2019. For more details on costs and for putting your money where your mouth is, you can back the project here

I think with that being said, it’s important to note that all film is expensive. It’s expensive to make and expensive to shoot. It is an expensive sport, one I have called a privilege if you are fortunate enough to afford the process. The reason film, particularly film with the ability to develop in front of our eyes, is so expensive is because you are paying for the film, the chemicals, the dark room and the print when all is said and done. As we progress in the future, we have environmental factors to keep in mind as well. Forever thankful for the scientists and engineers behind the products we have on the market now and for all the products in the works for the future. 

Keep shooting. 

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