Friday Nights In

It’s okay to hang in on a Friday if you’re not feeling it. Take a moment. 

Antidepressants, anti anxiety, mood stabilizers and all the medications that keep us strong and healthy, therapy, acupuncture, self care, writing, meditation, and I’d even go as far as crystals and tarot cards, at least for myself, are preventive measures that we use as precautions of the mind and they are beautiful in the fact that they truly help keep us healthy and well. We can even throw in all things that keep up sane including items like weed and moments like spending time with family. Whatever keeps us grounded and balanced are mental precautions that are super crucial to a happy lifestyle and the point is we take many. Sometimes though, all the effort and all those barriers you set up to block the emotions are futile. 

This time happened with the unexpected weather, it came with the fog and the wet snow of an end-of-November night. My mind feels hazy like I lost track of time. I blame it on a weird week, in-between holidays, changes all around both big and small, fighting the feeling of feeling both big and small myself, lost and found. Needless to say, tonight I decided to stay in. It just wasn’t my night. The roads weren’t right, the thoughts weren’t either and that is AGAIN okay. Apart of me did panic at the thought of yet another night in, away from friends and interaction and connection. All the things that really do wonders for my head but it again just wasn’t my night and AGAIN, that is okay. 

Advice for myself & all: recharge & regroup. You don’t need an excuse and you don’t need something or someone to rescue you. You can make the call. I’m already thinking about breakfast. 

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