1. Togetherness

    16 Dec 2021
    I read a tweet how humans weren’t meant to work in December and there is some truth to that. When work revolved around the hours of illuminated sunshine, days were shorter and tasks were focused more around upkeep and preparation for the warmer months ahead. Rise early and slumber early.…

  2. Hello Darkness My Old Friend

    02 Nov 2021
    Hello -  It’s been almost a year since I’ve used this blog space or even my website for that matter. My Instagram has been abandoned like a western ghost town after the gold ran out.  The pandemic really shifted things into a blurry focus. A lot became clear while other…

  3. Defining Home

    21 Nov 2020
    “Isn’t it odd how complex the idea of ‘home’ becomes as you get older? How, when we go back to visit, we feel like both a stranger and somehow a part of these places? I was overwhelmed by nostalgia this visit to Colorado.  When I left PA at 18, I…

  4. “to conserve is to create”

    26 Jun 2020
    draft - March 25th, 2020 “to conserve is to create” refers to the historical role photographs play when it comes to preserving. More specifically, the works of Eugéne Atget who photographed crumbling royal gardens.  “In the present disorder of the world, to conserve is to create” - George Duhamel  I’m…

  5. When You Need A Little Sunshine

    12 Mar 2020
    The news is overwhelming. I get that. Everyday we are faced with a new reality, a new worry. Angry wildfires, relentless pollution by cynics, diseases and cancers, war and hate. And mixing in the fact that as the world continues to search for itself, define who we are as a…

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