1. How We See Beauty

    06 Oct 2019
    It’s funny how I find myself on the weekends in the same place I find myself during the week: in front of my computer editing and thinking about film.  I sent these photos to Sara after our shoot and it ignited a conversation regarding  how we were taught to see…

  2. Saying Goodbye to Summer

    29 Sep 2019
    Just some images from summer turning into fall.  My mind works differently when I feel the seasons changing like a rewiring of my brain to adjust to the temperature and falling leaves.  I can see it in the images I make. They tend to get darker, more contrasts and moodier…

  3. Autumn Transitions

    27 Sep 2019
    Lately if feels like I’m shielding myself from some unknown force.  Where before I use to be so eager to share, I find myself hiding in retreat.  I use to allow myself to feel emotions and express those feelings of vulnerability and confusion.  Now, I tuck them into my shelter.…

  4. Of Age

    30 Aug 2019
    These photos were taken to represent youth. As the sunset on our day which brought us to a park in a city we have come to roam frequently, I was reminded of the short distance we have here. There is something about being young that makes us feel this time

  5. What does it mean to start over again?

    25 Aug 2019
    I’ll always cherish photos like these, the ones that show where we were  when we were chasing dreams.  These photos bring me back to a time I won’t ever get back.  I wrote this on my Tumblr just now as I looked back on photos Mel and I created in…

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