Saying Goodbye to Summer

Just some images from summer turning into fall. 

My mind works differently when I feel the seasons changing like a rewiring of my brain to adjust to the temperature and falling leaves. 

I can see it in the images I make. They tend to get darker, more contrasts and moodier tones. My mind naturally follows the distancing sun and they get cooler. 

I moved to New York to be an artist. One who writes, films and photographs and while I am doing all these, I’m also doing work that is more technical and time consuming. That mixed with the urge to have photographs mean something has slowed down the process but I’m trying to practice a new sense of patience. One that isn’t focused on my age or assets, removing the elements that cause feelings of doubt and failure fueled by my generations obsession with instant gratification. 

Winter is a time of reflections and hibernation but I want to use this time to also be productive. It’s about time I start getting up earlier, seeing friends and planning shoots that have a beautiful concept and theme. I’m welcoming the cold. 

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