1. Kodachrome Issue 4

    2018-12-27 00:46:59 UTC
    Thank you Kodak. Eternally grateful.   As apart of Kodak’s magazine Kodachrome issue #4 , the accidental multiple exposure photo of Kimi from my shoot with Frnds of Ours was included in the “Camera Club” editorial with some other insanely talented analog shooters including Andrea Koesters, Derek Street, Nick Morris, Maria

  2. A cont. of pause

    2018-12-25 00:30:44 UTC
    I hung with Shondell today. Here is a photo of him from 2012/2013? He let me take more photos of him today, telling me I’m one of the few people he lets take photos of him, and I lost my phone in the process, locating it hours later when we…

  3. Pause

    2018-12-24 16:26:00 UTC
    I deactivated my Instagram today and I feel stupid for feeling different about it because it’s a damn phone app and it shouldn’t feel like I just took off a heavy oversize sweater that was causing me to sweat and suffocate under its weight but it does.  A few weeks…

  4. A few pages from the zine Twenty Something

    2018-12-21 19:00:36 UTC
    Time is passing so quickly and I’m trying to grab onto it…

  5. It’s okay to not know what to say

    2018-12-21 18:45:27 UTC
    photo description: Zoe in Dad’s cowboy boots; a close up of Zoe holding a comb from the 1980’s that says ‘Brenda’.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot: how we feel the need to fill uncomfortable silence with chatter or how we are constantly searching for the right thing to…

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