A cont. of pause

I hung with Shondell today. Here is a photo of him from 2012/2013? He let me take more photos of him today, telling me I’m one of the few people he lets take photos of him, and I lost my phone in the process, locating it hours later when we ended our hangout. 

I feel so happy and thankful and blessed to be having moments like this. Last month I was ready to say goodbye to the year and a voice in my head told me to give December a chance and it’s been one of my strongest months mentally, my most confusing for my work and a little bitter sweet when it comes to my relationships but all in all, I would have been a fool to have given up on this month. It’s been a great few weeks to end the year between going to concerts like Childish Gambino, Travis Scott and seeing Michelle Obama speak while fitting in some photo shoots, taking a few Skillshare classes and some other mega projects in the works for 2019. I’m grateful, excited, happy and cautious. 

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