A few weeks ago I remembered that I had ordered a 1989 Interview Magazine featuring the one and only Dolly Rebecca Parton. It got stuck in transit and then the mail person and I kept missing one another so I ended up picking it up on the last day humanely possible before the post office sent it back to Oakland. It happened to be pouring rain and freezing. I opened the envelope in a mobile order pick up Starbucks trying to escape the rain. 

The magazine is gorgeous and it is everything you could want and more but there was a noticeable presence and element missing. Andy Warhol died in 1987 and the world has varying opinions on how they feel about him and his art but there is no denying the pop cultural impact he had on the world especially when it came to photography. 

It’s not just the Warhol effect creating that magic we see when we look at the photos of those times. There is something else going on. We know the world outside the doors of the gathering spaces and clubs of New York was dark. But there is an untouchable joy, pure, simple and sweet like sugar and you just want to grab it. 

There’s no creating if there is nothing there to create with and it was beginning to feel as if the pandemic took away the last of the little pixie dust remaining. I felt something this weekend at this event, a spark of something. It was elevating. And I knew what was going on outside those doors and I was happy to be here in the presence of company, of strangers. Jumping from one moment to the next, a sequence of happenings for you to interact with. I saw a lot of people being free? I don’t know how else to explain it. 

After I opened that Dolly Parton magazine, I ended up at a church near my apartment which is this thing I do when I see open doors to cathedrals. The way the entrances welcome you into the quiet of incense and the heaviness of those in deep prayer. I didn’t pray in the traditional sense but I did wish for better and for feeling something different

Thank you to The Break and all the souls that made it special. It was my first fashion week and I was just so grateful to be there. 


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