Upcoming this week 11.01

The seasons are changing and I’m seeing the leaves are a different hue than my last visit when I’m walking through the parks of New York or when I hug my sweater closer to my skin on the windy streets of Vegas. The change is being felt in cities all over although the weather is never consistent and never stays for long. 

That seems to be the theme of the last few months and November will be no different. I think it’s a time to embrace change and embrace inner callings, especially following passions that involve being indoors as the winter months and unpredictable storms of snow and ice are en route as I type. 

I thought I’d be more melancholy for summer and for a busier schedule although it’s pretty hectic as is. The gigs have been pretty sporadic as I’m still making my way in this world of freelance and being a professional photographer but I’m excited to say I’ll be doing my first ~Instagram takeover~ for Influence Humans on Wednesday, November 7th. I’ll be getting a bit personal and vulnerable and I’m hella nervous!!!! But I think it’s important or else I wouldn’t be putting myself out there. 

The takeover is extra special to me because it will be following a super important day in American history. I hope you voted. I sure did. There’s an incredible amount at risk but that’s been the case for awhile now. This time is different, you can feel the energy in the air like there has never been this much at stake before. I think back to election night two years ago as my face morphed from excitement to horror as the pit in my stomach dropped. What seemed impossible was actually possible the entire time. The next day and the following months after, there was a dark haze as I was filled with guilt for being so naive and ignorant, for not being more informed and aware of the issue separating me and my neighbors. This haze has since spread like a sickness because this dark haze is a symptom of something more sinister that has plagued our nation: fear which shows itself in the form of hate and violence. It has created an unease of instability, of lives being in the hands of the greedy. I hope you voted for representatives who are for human rights and basic human decency. Who express empathy daily and who use motion to create action instead of speeches filled with words weightless in truth and heavy in lies. So yea, vote. Please. There’s still time. 

There’s about 8 + 3 + 3 rolls of film I have from the past couple weeks and the unfortunately, my bank funds don’t match the demand but I’m trying to practice financial patience which is all apart of working on inner peace. Inner peace to me is something that will give the light in us all a bit more shine, a bit more power. It eliminates doubts and fears and it helps chip away at our inner egos. I’m hoping to shed layers as I’m sure so many of us are. 

Good friend of mine and super talented artist in both music and so many other realms, YaSi, is working on a few projects and invited me and fellow Colorado photographer Blake Jackson to help her bring her vision to life. We’ll be working together on her new video Issues in the upcoming months. 

Besides all this, I’ll be meeting up with friends, eating some home cooked meals, developing some film (especially the rest of the east coast film, some way over due super 8) but last but not least I am beyond excited to spend time on Annelica & Indigo’s portion of ’identity.’ and can’t wait to share what I have in mind for this beautiful beautiful project that is teaching me so much about humans.  On top of this, I’ll probably be avoiding alcohol until my body recovers from Vegas as I continue the journey of inner peace while I forgive myself for not being perfect. 

And for the love of normalizing periods and talking about reproductive & women health and because a lot of folks on the ballot this election ARE NOT for women’s rights or even human rights (and also to explain my moodiness),  I’m on my period!! Yay. Have a good week ya’ll!! Can’t believe I’m sharing this photo but it’s pretty to me. 


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