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  1. Upcoming this week 11.01

    2018-11-05 17:25:00 UTC

    The seasons are changing and I’m seeing the leaves are a different hue than my last visit when I’m walking through the parks of New York or when I hug my sweater closer to my skin on the windy streets of Vegas. The change is being felt in cities all…

  2. 01 MORGAN, ‘identity’

    2018-09-01 00:50:00 UTC

    “identity” is an ongoing series that focuses on individuals and the many factors and elements in everyday life that we add and subtract to build our definition of self.  - Originally published on August 27th, 2018 on Rooster Magazine titled “Made by me, for me: getting ready with a…

  3. What Chu Doing Friday?

    2018-07-19 17:23:00 UTC

    This Friday at Melon Gallery….. My heart is going to be happy and a little broken.  In February of this year, not that many months ago, I had my first ever solo show at Melon Gallery. I was beside myself. The turn out was more than I could have ever…

  4. International Women’s Day, 2018

    2018-03-08 06:08:00 UTC

    I owe my life to women.  It was women who raised me when my dad passed away: aunts, cousins, my best friends, their moms and my own mother.  I was raised by women who were raised by women. Women who survived immigration, poverty, mental illness, alcoholic husbands and tragic losses.…

  5. Super 8

    2017-09-12 22:35:00 UTC

    To be honest, this was a long time coming…  It has always been about film. I never had plans to be anything but a film photographer. Some photographers start on film, black and white classes in high school, a film camera from their grandfather, a thrifted camera they found with…

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