What Chu Doing Friday?

This Friday at Melon Gallery…..

My heart is going to be happy and a little broken. 

In February of this year, not that many months ago, I had my first ever solo show at Melon Gallery. I was beside myself. The turn out was more than I could have ever expected but I think the highlight for me was seeing how truly in control of my life I was. For so long I had been feeling lost. That feeling didn’t stop after that night but Twenty Something set a foundation for me to fully tap into my potential even if it meant going through some heart ache and other life changing moments to get there. It meant taking it slow, creating work that was different, creating work that wasn’t “work” at all. It meant letting go of my ego and it meant breaking myself down to build myself into the person I was destined to be. All because of a gallery giving me the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than myself. 

And now, here we are: about to greet August. Melon Gallery will be closing it’s doors in August, off to another space after a increase in rent prices. It’s an absolute honor to be apart of their last show at 200 Galapagos St. 

I think we’ll all be heading off to other spaces too. In our minds and in the physical. 

If you are around, we’d love to see you. 

The show is titled Wet Ruffles in collaboration with the folks at Soft & Shallow (Meredith & Alexander) along with a few folks from Today’s Archives (Wade & Anthony plus Gaia & Colin). The girls at Orenda Lou and I paired up with Horus & Noah to bring you our own interpretation of what Wet Ruffles means. 

Melon Gallery

200 Galapagos St. 



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