Where 2 buy prints

Okay so super stoked about these prints. Being able to have a moment captured on film, scanned, digitalized, printed and then turned into a piece that hangs up on someone’s wall is really cool for all parties involved!!!! 

I will be the first to admit I’m not the best sales lady but I’m not really trying to be one. If anyone is interested in buying prints, I’ll be making them available for purchase on my Depop shortly (I think that’s a good route?) but for now you can email me at samantha@jvmpthegun.com with your request! I have ready 2 go prints of the shots below (disclaimer: the stills below have been digitally enhanced for lighting/brightening purposes but the colors of the physical print are more true to the colors & tones of the original shot. Those have also been included below for reference) and I am taking custom orders as well. Transactions will be through Paypal <3 


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