Pack Film Announcement

Edwin Land was a genius. Not only that but he had a team of other passionate geniuses, both male and female, working around the clock to make crazy inventions working with polarized filters to form glasses and 3D goggles but it was in the 50’s that Land created his best invention, the Land Camera and the the film to go with it. This film was revolutionary because it developed in one minute after peeling back a paper of chemicals and it was the perfect size to be pulled out of your camera. It was a portable dark room. Yea it was messy but the results on these rangefinder polaroid cameras were giving pro results with real time color and tones. Peel apart film, aka pack film, has continued to be a staple for photographers as great ways to test our settings or even just to have a preview of the moment with an already developed negative and print. The camera and film does everything for you and those messy and complicated chemicals that sometimes burn your hand gives you some stunning images that last a life time. Even the expired film like Polaroid 669 has a way of producing galaxy colors that have expired over the years but are somehow still stable enough to create. It was built that way. 

Land went through a tough process getting this formula down. When it was first released in the 50’s (a project he had been working on since the 40’s), families (mostly house moms using the cameras for holidays and birthday parties) were finding their images vanishing and changing color months after, a flaw in the make up of the film. Land had to go back to the drawing board with his team of scientists and engineers to keep trying, obstacle after obstacle until they got it right. 

Which is why I am so excited to announce that Doc over at SuperSense, and a huge part of the Impossible Project which did achieve the impossible, is working on a Kickstarter to save this beautiful film.

After Fuji, the last manufacture of pack film, announced the discontinuation of FP-100C, Doc has been working effortlessly with a team to find solutions. This is the only hope we have for pack film at this point. As much I don’t want to spoil the magic of this film by mega promotion, I urge you to find an old land camera, or purchase one if you can! and get ready for some more details on December 5th, 2018. Which is also one of my best friend’s birthdays so it has to be good luck. 

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