I’d put some money on forever

It’s everywhere now. 

It’s been around, it’s been a problem but it’s getting a bit more sinister and a bit more unpredictable. While we keep mourning the losses, we have not examine or helped the cause and the root of it all: our kids and our loved ones (and maybe even ourselves) are turning to prescription and illegal drugs, alcohol and other vices to get through life. Why? Because this life can be a bit overwhelming, uncertain, depressing and lonely. While it’s filled with beauty and love, extended moments of happiness and small flights of bliss, it is hard for some to see past their assigned demons, the weights they carry and the burdens that keep them awake at night. 

An artist loss is always felt heavily, especially an artist who spoke to so many hearts. It feels personal, it feels apart of us. We turn to words and music daily and associate memories with songs. We see so much of ourselves in the libraries we create. 

Besides being stars to their fans, these celebrated humans are sources of light for their family and close friends and colleagues and that pain is felt on a level that is all too personal to any person that has experienced a passing. 

Death is never easy. Youthful and unexpected death is even harder. A cause of death that many can relate to, and that is avoidable on multiple levels, makes it that much more frustrating and painful.

Malcolm McCormick’s death represents a wide spread epidemic, one that, just like all diseases, does not discriminate against race, class, gender, age, religion, political party, etc.

and while we wait for solutions, government action and better access to resources, I think it’s important we talk to one another, seek help wherever and whenever we can and get certified to administer Naloxone as concerned and aware members of our community. 

The website above is an amazing place to get educated on the possible causes of an overdose, reasons someone might be more likely to overdose and ways to identify who is vulnerable, what to do in the case someone you know is overdosing, how to help while EMTs are on their way and how to successively reverse the effects using the antidote Naloxone (aka Narcan or Enzio). I know it’s a lot of information but it’s insanely helpful and it costs $10 after you take the quiz and watch the videos. Getting Naloxone varies in different states and costs vary as well so make sure you do your research. 

Besides all this, conversations need to be had. It’s okay to admit we are sad, not okay, struggling just as much as it is okay to admit happiness and well being. Let’s stop apologizing for being human and let’s make it the norm that mental health and the disease of addiction are not taboo subjects that should be avoided. Let’s make it the norm that help and resources are always approachable and obtainable no matter to whom. 

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