When You Need A Little Sunshine

The news is overwhelming. I get that. Everyday we are faced with a new reality, a new worry. Angry wildfires, relentless pollution by cynics, diseases and cancers, war and hate. And mixing in the fact that as the world continues to search for itself, define who we are as a generation and an era, we are figuring this all out on a subjective level as we build and subtract our sense of identity.

I find myself getting lost in my own anxieties regarding what I face in my daily life and the ones that myself and everyone I care about face together. There’s an overpowering sense that I’m helpless standing up to it all as I’m sure so many others feel. That adds weight to anyone who overthinks and even those who don’t. 

What brings me happiness and light in all this darkness is the presence of other humans. It’s always these moments of reassurance through hang outs with people that encourage me to think on a deeper level, bonding over our passions and our worries. Being able to connect with others and be in the company of good people is refreshing and relieving. Like mini vacations away from reality. 

More than anything, I find hope. It refuels me, keeps me going when it’s hard to pick up a camera or start a conversation or write it all down in words. The truth that comes when we are able to fully express ourselves is such a gift, one we take for granted that we only really appreciate in an uncertain chaos. 

I can only pray that others have similar outlets that keep them moving forward and gives them strength, allowing us a foundation to unify and have our voices heard. That’s how we make it through times like this. 

photos of Nikki for JAG, taken at Rush NYC 

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