Upcoming this week 11.13

I wrote about the beginning of the week yesterday but lost writing momentum and ended up abandoning the post to endlessly scroll Instagram till my brain felt rotten enough to get off. 

Speaking of which, I have a new 8am-8pm rule that I’ve been sharing with people. Instagram or any form of social media, emails and news apps are not to be opened until 8 a.m earliest and can not be opened by me after 8 p.m latest. Obviously I’m not perfect and have broken my own rule a few times but all in all, it’s been a healthy guideline to keeping me sane and keeping me off. It’s important that we wind down at night. Make sure the last thing you see isn’t a screen with headlines that get your head spinning and out of sleep mode.

I had a taken photos at the Phish show in Vegas on my way in. I love the Contax T2 for this exact reason. The auto focus isn’t very auto (you have to hold the shutter half way down to set your focus before) but if you have the time to set up the shot or if you have a steady aim, you can get your photo without anyone blinking an eye or noticing the quick flash. Some dude in the crowd noticed my camera while we were going through security which made me smile. I always love finding film nerds in different cities and extra points if you recognize the camera.  I wasn’t sure how the Ektachrome would hold up at night in the dark of the MGM Grand Arena (where all those fights go down which is also on my bucket list) but the contrasts are gorgeous and slide film is beautiful, end of story. I was hoping to have these photos up on the website of the magazine I worked for but I missed deadlines. That’s a subject I’ll touch on more later: film & patience. 

Lots of ideas are flowing in and around me but I’m forcing myself to not act on all the urges. To slow down, take my time, not rush. I was suppose to be creating yesterday with Sam and her sister Lily that has been a month in the works. With the help of some vintage Gunne Sax dresses and the team at Urban Outfitters, we scheduled our shoot not realizing it was going to snow the weekend of and the snow would leave behind 20 degree temperatures. I care about my subjects being comfortable and that was too cold for anyone to be outside, even my cameras. We are shooting next week and it’s forcing some additional planning, including mental exercises to slow down during the shoot and keep me in the moment of anxiety-free picture taking. 

Besides this, I’m meeting with friends, going to bed earlier, practicing my daily rituals, speaking kindly to myself and to others, taking my medication, avoiding stressors including people and situations and as always reading, writing and eating good food. Photos as always are a given. I hope to be able to convey what’s in my head better though as I feel I struggle with lighting during my shoots and would really like to match what I’m seeing in my head with what’s outside. 

Oh and last update, I’m making some holiday prints for fun. 



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