Planting for You

I don’t fear season changes anymore because I know there is beauty in them all. The orange sunsets of October’s golden hour feels different than the pinks of August nights or December mornings. April’s greens and February’s purples. Shedding layers in the heat or getting close because of the cold. 

Watching the Yankee’s play the other night against the Astro’s, I was filled with the excitement of being in a city that’s playing for the World Series. How grateful I was to say I could feel the energy of of a city praying for a win, to feel united. 

Moving hasn’t been easy, I know I’ve been pretty vocal about the transitions but writing and photos have always been my way of dealing with the emotions that come with re-defining home.

But moving also has been easy. I find myself moving with some comfort like I grew up here, which in a way I did being in Pennsylvania. 

When I moved away to Colorado when I was 18, all I ever wanted was to be an east coaster again but through that move, I used photos as a way to cope and Colorado helped me become someone I had been dreaming about all those late nights in PA in front of my computer screen or surrounded by my journal and books. Everyone seems to have that story when they move to a new place, how you can never leave a placed untouched and how you always carry that with you. 

These photos were forgotten from this year’s 4th of July, a trip spent with family and myself. I reflected so deeply in that beach house, by the ocean breeze. It felt so familiar to me, it felt so natural. I realize this year especially have been a lot of these moments by myself where I’m self educating and growing in ways only I can give me because I have to learn by going through it. 

I’m learning to ask for help, to not always be by myself but also allowing myself to take time away from the things that weren’t ever good for me. I’m looking forward to the lessons in store this winter. We can have gardens in the winter and we must always plant for life to grow. 

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