“No, you can’t take that photo”

Yesterday I wrote about a day/shoot that was hard for me to manage mentally due to depression and anxiety and factors against my control. It touched on a fear of mine which is being told by a stranger that I can’t take a photo or that I have to leave or put my camera away. For me, it’s like being told not to use my eyes.

Something about writing down my emotions and admitting that I’m not this confident artist I present myself to be was a release. It helped me that same day when on two separate occasions, with a model and by myself, I was approached by strangers scolding me for taking photos. Whatever I wrote yesterday was on mind that afternoon and evening and helped me tame my anxiety for the first time. I was relaxed and I was myself. I was talkative, asking questions and I parted ways from both strangers with a clear conscious that I handled it the best way I could. We said goodbye with kind smiles. 

image 1: Coca-Cola factor in Denver, CO. Trademark of Coca-Cola and a strict rule to allow no one to take photos on the property. You are, however, legally allowed to cross the street and take it from the other side. I took this one while standing in the middle of the road and I definitely should have kept my hands more steady. 

image 2 & 3: Cass for Top Knot Brands @ Waffle House. Todd at the Waffle House didn’t like that his customers were getting a “show” but we got on his good side after and he let us stay a bit longer to take some pics. Thanks Todd!

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