New York Warms

Life leads you in every direction and it’s all connected. As we wrap up the year, I think about how nothing is a coincidence, how everything happens for a reason. 

I felt that way a lot during this shoot. The pieces came all the way from Colorful Colorado from the girls at Orenda Lou but as much as they were from the West, it was the golds and browns you see in between the buildings of a N.Y sunset I was after. It’s such a magical time that passes so quickly and it’s so unique to New York.  Every city has a different way of reflecting light that makes you fall in love, the same way I’ve been noticing seasons have their own colors too. It has a lot to do with the architecture, the way the sun hits the sides of the concrete, the foliage and if you’re by water. This city has these insane golden tones that come from its grid and row after row of structures. 

Alva and I were running out of time. We didn’t have much sun so we were moving quickly. I could barely see the light through my viewfinder but I knew it was there. I could see the warm highlights in the building’s windows and bouncing off Alva’s face as we walked around my block. 

New York makes you realize how lucky you are. Lucky people answer your phone calls when you’re at your lowest, when you’re not being your best self. It makes you grateful for the moments and places you have called home, that make you who you are. 

Back in Colorado, I had a garden of people and opportunities that I didn’t quite realize were so crucial to my core. It’s been long overdue to bring that love to the place I moved to grow. Any chance I get to be with these people in any spiritual form is going to be detrimental to staying humble, determined and true. Pushing egos and the urge to be something, to stand for something is just as important. Understanding that we are always going to be chasing light and being okay with the constant race that requires us to get to know ourselves better and give ourselves that time to evolve can be added to that mentality too. 

Thank you to Keesha and Kelsey for pouring their heart and soul into their sourcing. It’s truly an art form and you can feel the love and care they put into finding the right looks. I missed that warmth and was so happy to feel it in New York. 

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