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Madison scans from earlier today while I waited for the antibiotic to kick in. Anyone else sick? 

Madison posted a sweet comment. I definitely want to write more on this later (I sound like a broken record and a major procrastinator with how often I say that) but I want to touch on this a little now: I personally don’t want to edit anything other than color when it coms to my photos and my subjects. Film does an amazing job keeping the clarity subtle and imperfections at bay but medium format can be the equivalent of digital in terms of resolution so you’re getting some pretty sharp images. As photographers, do we edit? I use to but it felt…wrong? It never felt right. I don’t even like messing with the colors as much as I do. I know what a person looks like when I ask or commit to working together. I also find human bodies doing what human bodies do to be normal and specular as well as annoying and frustrating when you’re on the receiving end. I get it. I decided not to edit. This is what Madison, the model, had to say about it: 

From Madison <3 <3 <3 

  •  love it when a photographer finds my natural self just as beautiful as edited me. @sammykeller kept all this film unedited. My ance scars and imperfections are still there and I still look lovely. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to create more beautiful art with you.

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