Here we are, my first ~blog~ post on my website. If you don’t know me and this is your first time reading my words, I write fairly often. Everyday actually. I never leave the house without writing material and I’ve successfully kept journals and diaries since elementary school. I write poetry, my feelings but more so than anything I write my fears and lists of goals. 

I decided to reintroduce the blog section to my website because it is another way for those visiting to get a better feel of who I am. The photos on this space will change fairly often as I create more projects and help those make their dream visions into a reality. 

for now, here is a photo from one of my favorite collaborations to date (but I can never really play favorites because I love them all dearly). 

This is the fourth project I’ve worked on with Sierra and the second one where we created what I like to call art, not like my other projects aren’t. But working with your friends is a lot different than working for a brand or individual. The creative control was completely ours and we followed our hearts with this one. 

The goal was to create very diverse scenery to explore the idea we are never simply one thing. Sierra and I discussed our styles changing dramatically every single day. Tomboy on a Monday, floral silks on a Wednesday, sexy on Friday and heavenly on Sunday. Flash forward to the following week and you don’t know what we will be feeling. 

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