JVMP the Gun.

Okay super shitty iPhone photos of what I’ve been up to lately. I have a tendency to take hobbies to the extreme but normally only because there has been a long burning passion that has been budding for years and I finally found the time and courage to start doing the things I said I will. 

Turns out, I come from a long line of sewers and seamstress. Weirdly, sewing has brought me closer to these women on both sides of my family using the sewing kit of my great grandmother on my mother’s side with her Norwegian roots and Irish children (our Irish name is McHugh) and the Hungarian German roots of my other great grandmother with her silk threads and needles. I’ve started collecting items of my own here and there while I use my mom’s sewing machine. 

I’m not a pro by any means but I was shocked how easily it came to me, my fingers unafraid of the pulsating needle and feeling guided by a force that was telling me when to turn and when to speed up or slow down. My sewing skills were tested over and over again as I pulled thread like weeds from my fabrics to start over whether because of the fabric not aligning and creating holes in the seams or sewing the seam entirely upside down or inside out. I found my mind using this time to reflect and work through problems and thoughts. 

And of course I had to tie this to JVMP. because that’s what I do!! 

I have a few big things in the works and I’m cautiously excited so no announcements yet  BUT I am the most excited to keep working towards this future of mine. 

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