Pop Up Photo Show- June 1st

Curated by Mario Zoots.

Robert Anderson Gallery 

3321 E Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80206

The story: When Mario asked me to be apart of a pop up show along with a few other Denver artists based around the theme of film & identity, I said yes because I have long considered film apart of my identity. I said yes because it would challenge me to ask questions about myself and my surroundings. I said yes not only to ask these questions but to explore the meanings of their answers.

See, at the time and still to this moment, I am in a transformative stage and my photos are changing in the way that I feel they are suppose to but that does not mean I don’t experience moments of intense doubt. I find myself in creative funks often but through these phases, I never hate my work. I always come out of the darkness loving what I do more than I ever have. For every moment that I want to put down the camera, I’m met with a greater reason to keep going. 

This project was a carefully picked curation of my recent work on a format that has caused me frustration and tears. When I think film, I think Edwin Land & Polaroid. Polaroid film is about faith and trusting in film and the chemicals that stay hidden from our sight. It’s been harder for me to master and I don’t think it ever can be tamed. There are so many ways to fail: camera, auto focus, exposure, bunk film, too much sun, too little sun. I’ve been through it all but at the end of the day, I hit the trigger because of emotion. Whether that image shows up is up to the universe. 

This is my response to how my camera and I see the world. 

In a way, it’s also a pledge to keep evolving. 


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