Happy Women’s Day

We live in a world where we meet brand’s campaigns of inclusion with praise instead of saying “about damn time” and where we don’t hold them accountable when they go back to their old ways of perpetuating unfair and impossible beauty standards: the same type of models are dominating the industry with high end fashion corporations being at the forefront of their takeover. 

We live in a world where we wait 365 for one day to celebrate women and somehow still, many women are finding themselves missing from the narrative of womanhood and strength. 

We wait 365 for a single day or a single month to celebrate and highlight communities and some days don’t come at all for others, constantly waiting for their turn in the light only to have the whiteness of society reflect their shine back at them like the blinding rays of the sun, leaving them without stories or voices in a world they and their ancestors helped create. 

Recognizing where we still need to fight, who we need to fight for and what kind of role we play in it all is key to moving forward and moving up. I’ve been thinking a lot about POC Women run businesses and individuals, as well as the LGBTQT community and all who identify with being woman, that I myself can, unselfishly and without praise, help support and uplift. 

Happy International Women’s Day and a reminder there is always work to be done. 

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