DEPOP & Shopping with JVMP

What is this space? I ask myself that a lot too. What started as a platform for my work after I was let go from one of my jobs working as a social media manager and writer for a magazine has transformed over the years to take on quite a few different meanings. That was unintentional but it’s evolved and regressed just as I have changed over these years. 

I wanted this to be a collective that was for film people by film people. It turns out I have many other passions besides film but it always seems to come back to taking photos of people and the things I care about. I’ve created different works, collaborated with individuals in the cities I was traveling to and residing in, sold some prints, became somewhat of a publishing house releasing 5 zines in total all while promoting myself as an individual & photographer on my personal accounts. But nothing ever truly clicked the way I had wanted and I think that was because there was growth and experience that required learning lessons for me to truly understand the purpose of jvmping the gun. 

Jvmp the Gun was always the antithesis to the phrase jumping the gun. It was for all those times when you couldn’t wait any longer and you had to act. It was your passion calling and you answering. It’s every person that told you to hold off or that you weren’t ready. Sometimes we aren’t ready but we can’t spend every day waiting for the perfect moment to chase our dreams. Sometimes reacting strictly off passion is what saves our lives. 

With that being said, JVMP is going through changes. It’s finding its voice and the end of this year and the beginning of next are going to mean a lot to this little thing I started around a bonfire in the winter of 2015. I’m not that person anymore, I’m ready. 

JVMP will be hosting more items for purchase, to fit your life and guide you while your jvmping. I’ll be using my camera knowledge, the one that brings me questions daily about film & cameras, to a shop where you can browse clean, working and tested equipment. There will be film & camera guides, custom clothing & art prints, zines and even a magazine. Of course, photography projects with the core values of JVMP will be at the forefront. These may seem like vague updates now but the future is so bright and I can’t wait to bring it all into fruition. 

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