Kodak’s Creativity Doesn’t Discriminate

“Being a woman in a creative industry is incredibly empowering and rewarding in so many ways. The ladies I have had the pleasure of working with so far drive me every day to continue capturing female energy. Within this community, I feel so loved, uplifted and inspired.

But as I celebrate the accomplishments of women creatives brought together by Kodak, my heart must acknowledge that our victories and our spotlight points to a harsh reality: women have to be showcased to be noticed, with some groups of women needing more amplification than others, and that in itself points to prejudices within the industry.

Women, however, are resilient. We’ve created support systems within one another, collaborated with other women creatives and have continually been fighting for safe spaces as well as equality in all realms. We will continue to do so even as we celebrate. I’m thankful for moments like these where women can talk with other women and share their stories and experiences, both good and bad.”
– SK

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