Cass October 2017


October 15h

Made a lil .gif to go along with the photos I worked on with Cassandra. This was a pretty busy weekend for me. I had a shoot for @l8loomer on Saturday. The next day, I met Cass early and she did her make up (she’s an artist) with a bold yellow eye shadow and fake freckles and I promised the film and clothing.  After that, I was off to my home studio to work with @Melody. We took some photos at my house. 

I thought this camera was broken (might need new batteries, the photos are super over exposed which means the light meter is probably not working which = dead batteries hopefully). I had a few frames left but my film counter is broken on this camera. I know, I’m a mess. 

Photos are on the way. I have a lot of scanning to do. Super 8 is also en route to Massachusetts this time for some processing. I’m so excited to show ya’ll what I’ve been working on and who I’ve been working with. 


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