An hour with Kelia

To start, Kelia is hands down one of the most creative individuals I know. I started following her photography journey while she was still completing her undergrad at SCAD and it wasn’t until she went home for winter break that I was like “hold the fucking phone, she’s from Denver..”. I geeked out. I get all sorts of passionate with other photographers, especially film babes. Kelia is the definition of all the good that I love about photography.

We had been trying to make a fun little shoot work and this is the product of a failed attempt. I was on my one hour lunch break and she had to be back in Denver by 4pm. It wasn’t exactly what I pictured but I’m forever grateful I got to spend a little bit of time with her the way I did. We laughed over our passion when shooting and our excitement and pickiness when we are controlling the camera and trying to have control of our surroundings. I styled a bit and she brought her diamond top and cherry red goo goo boots. We should all take notes from Kelia. Follow her work here. 

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