DAY 41

It’s past midnight on a Thursday and I don’t want to go to sleep.

I’m thinking of Stephen Shore and the kind of nostalgia that creeps up on you while you’re in the midst of living in the moment, like in the movies when a far off future self comes back to the past to warn their former self about impending doom. 

I want to remember being this young and old. I’ve been so many different people and I guarantee I’ll be many more before this journey is over. I love capturing every color, shape, texture, light that will bring me back to the feeling of being here. 

Sometimes I find myself in a hole of old photos. Complimenting and judging the images simultaneous while also reminiscing. How could I be so foolish, so angry, so happy, so in love with life, so heart broken? And when I get mad at myself for not feeling more establish in my art career/life and wishing I had been more serious, more dedicated when I had been in my twenties and out west, I remind myself that it all mattered. 

I like to think there is more to be lived and experienced, and most absolutely, more to take photos of. 

The photos below are evidence that I am full and I am learning and I am indulging and I am exploring.

While many things trouble me in this world, I know there is light and love at the end of all things. 

So we pour joy into half empty glasses and we dance, eat and allow ourselves to feel everything. 

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